Friday, November 14, 2014

Y'All Fest 2014 Crowd Album

So I didn't get to go to this, but I wouldn't create a blog about Bookish Events if I didn't think hearing about them and seeing photos of them was awesome!  Anyway I saw this post to the Crowd Album (which has to be like the coolest thing ever imo) on Kami Garcia's Facebook Page.

For those of us who didn't get to go this year.  (I am so going next year because my husband promised to take vacation so that we could.) it's a great way to check out how much fun everyone had and be jealous :)  Anyway I think it's awesome so check it out.
If you attended Y'All Fest this year and would like to do a post with your photos and a write of up your experience contact me @  I'd love to have you do a guest post.

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