Monday, October 6, 2014

Unmarked Tour - Kami Garcia in Conversation With Brendan Reichs with Surprise Visit from Carrie Ryan

So on Saturday my family and I attended a signing for Kami Garcia's Unmarked Tour at Book-A-Million in the Concord Mills Mall in Concord, North Carolina.

If you happened to be one of the few to see previous posts on this site you'll know that we've planned on it since I first found it online.  Not only because we'd met Margaret Stohl and well you can't meet her without really wanting to meet Kami Garcia too, but also because Brendan Reichs made such a huge impression on my boys at Bookmarks that any chance to see him again is one that we want to take.  This event was a whole lot smaller than Bookmarks, but it was still fun and all the kids have talked about since we left, definitely worth the drive for us.  Plus they didn't have notices about not filming at this one so my husband and I worked as a team and he filmed on his phone while I took photos on my camera which I think will make for a really nice post.  Also with it filmed I'll talk a little less I think.  Anyway to begin on with the video of this awesome event.

Just a quick note about this.  I know on the channel that I describe the video as being uploaded for use on this blog and they are being uploaded for that purpose, however anyone who wants to share this elsewhere or download this as your own keepsake if you were one of the few in attendance feel free to do so.  I promise I'm not proprietary of it.  I'd be totally appreciate of a link back to this blog if you post it elsewhere but that's not required.  I can't promise to get videos of every event we go to because some like Bookmarks say no filming and some of the things we're planning we're going to without my husband.  My husband got a new phone and I'm really impressed with the video it takes, mine however not only doesn't hold a charge as long but it's a lot older and video from it is not nearly as impressive.  Not to mention I can't run a video camera and a real camera at the same time.  I can have my daughter try but she's usually too excited and busy asking questions to really attempt that.  She wants to try when we go to see Lauren Kate and Robin LaFevers but we'll see how that goes.  My husband is a lot calmer than well any of us.

The video is multiple smaller videos merged together so it might miss a second here and there but it was his first time making more than a five second film on his phone and he was afraid if he didn't keep stop and starting that he'd end up filling his memory before he could actually save  any of it and lose the whole thing. it also changes size because he filmed some with the phone upright and some with it sideways so I had to rotate some of the shots.  I also tried to edit out any accidental floor or butt shots.  We're not Hollywood filmmakers so don't expect perfection :)