Saturday, November 1, 2014


Okay I've been collecting a bit extra at every signing because I wanted to do a big swag giveaway at the beginning of the year, but at a tour event today one of the swag that we received was a 50% off an  ebook purchase of The Body Electric by Beth Revis.  Which is totally awesome definitely, but I already have it in ebook plus I bought a physical copy.  It expires December 1st and I think someone should get the chance to actually use that swag so I'm doing a SMALL swag giveaway now and I'll post the bigger one I'd planned, with little bits I've picked up at the different events I've attended, after Christmas when I have more money to actually ship things.  So first lets look at what I'm giving away

The poster is autographed by S. E. Green, there's two pins, a couple of bookmarks and neat little postcard like promo items that I don't actually know the name of, also the promo coupon I mentioned.  Most of the swag is from the Compelling Reads Tour which I'll be doing a post of shortly (Some time this week when I get the chance to run the photos through my photo program for cropping and the like).  There are also a couple of older bookmarks swag that I had from Sabrina Jeffries and John Royce.  

I will email the winner the promo info before mailing because I don't want to risk the stuff not arriving before it expires.  I'll send the little card in the package of course but my thoughts are you might want to use it and who knows how long it will take to arrive.

Unfortunately at the moment since it's almost Christmas I'm only doing this for US Residents because this time of year I can't afford international shipping.  Sorry :(

Most of the ways to earn Entries are OPTIONAL you don't have to do them to gain an entry, the only thing you have to do is tell me how to contact you if you win.  The other stuff just gains you more chances to win.  I gave higher weight to the things I'd really really appreciate.  I also included bonus entries for following the Authors from the  Raleigh Compelling Reads Tour Stop and the authors who have swag included in the giveaway on Twitter because it came from them so it seems like the right thing to do to me.

I'd really like actual followers so a little extra weight has been given for GFC following.  Keeping up with the Tockify Calendar is really time consuming so if you use the Submit Event Button to input a few for me I'm giving more weight to that because you're doing me a huge favor.  The other highly weighted option is a Guest Post.  This blog needs content MORE than every few weeks.  What content I'd like to have are In Person Book Event Coverage, Author Guest Posts & Interviews and Giveaways.  If you can contact me by emailing    to do a write up of one of those items that's actually recent, as in occurred in the last couple months, I'll give you bonus entries.  If you do event coverage it needs photos, but you can also do a write up on your own blog or what not that you'd like my currently imaginary followers to check out at the bottom of the post.  My hope is that followers won't always be imaginary.  You can also put a banner graphic with that bottom blurb about you.  I'm still building Bookish Events and the larger bonus entries are for the items, people willing, to help me do that. None of these items are mandatory, they just offer more entries if you're willing as a Thank You.  Anyway onto the Giveaway and thanks for stopping by.  Next week I should have two more posts of event Coverage including a Maggie Stiefvater Signing and a Compelling Reads Tour Signing.

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